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Whereas SEO is a slower grind, long term solution on increasing customer conversion, PPC (Pay Per Click) is a short term (and long term) solution that can provide immediate gratification and results for a fast influx of web traffic.

This is the quickest strategy to help get people virtually running to your site during a sale, get attention as a new company, or increase sales while your SEO tactics begin to work. Our experience shows that a combination of SEO and PPC campaigns provide the greatest ROI for any business.

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PPC is the most efficient and effective form of digital advertising

PPC is much more targeted, and therefore has the potential to be much more successful, than traditional advertising. There are a number of advertisement networks that offer PPC services, but the most popular are:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads (offering reach to Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Google Ads, the most popular, works like this: if you sell winter gear on your website, a PPC campaign will enable you to ‘bid’ on any keywords of your choosing that you believe your customers will be searching for. For instance, in the Fall you might start a PPC campaign for the search term ‘Winter Jacket’. Depending upon the bid you and other competitors place on that specific term, will determine the rankings for that term.

The key separation of PPC from other marketing campaigns is that you only pay the bid amount on your terms whenever a customer actually clicks the link in their Google search. You could enable a PPC campaign for a storewide sale that only lasts a day and then turn it off the next day without additional cost.

According to WordLead, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors


PPC gives nearly instantaneous feedback on efficacy

Imagine that when you handed out a business card, you were able to get instant feedback on how interested that specific person was in your product or service. Imagine that you could then create dozens of styles of business cards and ensure that each individual buyer or potential customer got the card that would best showcase your company for their specific needs. This is essentially what PPC is like. We get immediate data on which ads are being clicked on by potential customers, and which ones are actually converting to leads for you.

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Use your PPC results as the roadmap for all of your advertising

PPC gives you the ability to view highly detailed data on your advertisements:

  • Which ads are being clicked
  • Which ads are converting leads
  • Most effective keywords and ad types

You control exactly how much you spend each day, week, or month, and you get the data necessary so you can shift your budget toward the top-performing ads and keywords.

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