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The Client

Locally-owned roofing company

The Goal

Increase and improve quality of sales leads


  • Previous SEO agency delivered poor results that jaded the owner’s belief in effectiveness of online marketing
  • Website was attracting a lot of tire kickers, draining the sales team’s time
  • Very competitive industry online with lots of low-balling from single crew independents that devalue the market
  • Lots of directory websites and rating websites that clog up page 1 of Google

The Approach

  • Help the client understand their marketing spend needs to be greater to accomplish their goal
  • Leadership online to create consumer confidence to secure their pricing model vs industry low ballers
  • Push website call to action to a detailed, qualifying quote form to weed out tire kickers

The Result

  • Top 5 positions on Google across all keyword targets
  • 27.3% increase in traffic after first year
  • Average of 5 lead form submissions per day
  • Majority of leads from qualified quote form, exponentially improving sales team’s closing percentage
  • Record sales year over year for the last 4 years
  • Client has renewed services 5 straight years

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