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The Client

Manufacturer of bed bug heating equipment

The Opportunity

A boom in bed bug outbreaks in North America, while the use of chemicals were getting bad press creating search for alternative solutions

The Goal

Build awareness to Client’s equipment to drive online leads across North America during this boom period


  • Building awareness fast enough to capitalize in time while demand is exponentially growing
  • Reaching a market as large as North America in a short period of time
  • Inability to sell online as machines are over $100k and require customization
  • Outdated website was never built for lead generation as all marketing efforts were tradeshows and magazine ads

The Approach

  • Segment website into main buyer groups and write unique content & calls to action aimed at each
  • Improve website design with focused content on advantages of heating equipment vs chemicals
  • Targeted AdWords campaigns in U.S. cities with high bed bug outbreaks
  • North America wide SEO push to dominate the niche of bed bug heating equipment

The Result

  • Rank in the top 3 companies globally online in the bed bug heating equipment market
  • Machine sales growth from 4 – 6 machines in year 1 to over 25 sales after a full year of SEO/SEM marketing execution

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