People can’t buy what your company doesn’t offer

We live in a world that is increasingly focused on efficiency and ease. The shopping habits of customers today thrives off of these two focuses and by delaying ecommerce website implementation, you could be impeding business growth.

If a potential customer can find your product or service and order it online, then they are likely to take advantage of this option. If you don’t offer them the ability to do so, then you are losing potential business, likely to your competitors – it’s that simple.

ecommerce website
ecommerce website

Your top goal is: Make it easy for customers to buy what they want, when they want

If your company is already well established with a brick-and-mortar and you have been offering your products or services for years, you don’t need us to tell you that you are on the right track.  What we will tell you is that by not having an online, ecommerce based, presence you are missing out on countless customers who are not local to you.

It is estimated that online purchases will account for 95% of all purchases made by the year 2040.  Millennials and Gen Xers are gaining increasing expectations that all other ecommerce follows the trends being set forth by Amazon as far as design, accessibility, and delivery.  Fresh has been following these trending expectations and we can set you up to handle the future of ecommerce!

A study by Pew Research shows that nearly 80% of Americans shop online.

ecommerce website

Selling online is easier than you think

After many years in this business, we know that when a client hesitates to jump into ecommerce, it’s generally because they assume that it will be logistically complicated or require a 2nd mortgage. Neither is generally true.

We have the ability to integrate ecommerce into any website, at any time, and with no hassle. As time goes on and the available features of your ecommerce site change, we will provide ongoing training and support so you’ll always get the most from your website.

Ready to Get Started?

ecommerce website

Now is the time to investigate your options in ecommerce

There is no better time to start investing in the multi-trillion dollar marketplace that is ecommerce. Whether your company is going through a growth cycle and you want to take advantage of the momentum, or your company is just starting up and you need access to all possible sales funnels. There are multiple options of entry to explore and we are here to help with all of them.

Let’s discuss setting up your ecommerce platform today

Given how much wider of a targeted, global, audience you can reach with ecommerce, you would be missing out to not review your options. At Fresh we have years of experience exploring unique website needs and quickly finding the right solutions.

Your website is not simply having a cookie cutter template for ecommerce built into it, we recognize your needs are unique and will create a personalized plan for your website. Call us now at 204-942-4200 and we can get you the info you need so we can start watching your sales increase.

ecommerce website